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  • Mid Caucasian Tur and Kuban Tur Russia

    Pat Garret from Canada got his trophies of Mid Tur and Kuban Tur in Russian Federation. Weather was changing every day from sunny to snowy and rainy but Pat shot his Mid tur in first day of hunt than we change region and he shot his Kuban tur, thanks for Rashid and Ali for helping of this hunt and thanks to Pat and Darien his son for hunting with us. Photo report

    You can also watch video about this trip:

  • Giant Moose Kamchatka Russia

    We congratulate hunter from Azerbaijan Ali Makhmudov for his successful hunt for GIANT MOOSE in Kamchatka!  It was cold time in East Russia side! But during 5 days Ali could shot his trophy! Bravo Ali! Photo report

  • Michel and Pamela O’Laughlin from USA

    Michel and Pamela O’Laughlin from USA successful hunted for East Caucasian Tur in Azerbaijan with us! This family of hunters showed excellent physical and shooting quality with which we congratulate them. We hope hunt with this people for Kuban and Mid Tur as well! Photo report

  • Hunting in our new hunting area KEL DAG

    Hunting in our new hunting area KEL DAG was done by hunter from Russia, we congratulate Vladislav with so successful attempt, Vladislav is well known professional hunter who is collecting WORLD SLAM, it was proud for us Photo report